Abrasalloy has made the most consistent progress toward solving the abrasive wear problem in the entire field of abrasion resisting steels and can be considered the best all-purpose steel for varied applications. Abrasalloy is scientifically heat treated to render excellent service without further hardening or tempering by the user. It is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy of approximately .40 carbon.

Atlantic Steel Corporation has developed the unique Abrasalloy steel. Mills, mines, quarries, foundries and many others have benefited. Abrasalloy's perfectly balanced alloys produce extra resistance to wear and friction. This steel combines hardness and toughness... has the ability to wear harden and form a smooth abrasion-resisting surface. With Abrasalloy you can count on a reduction of burring, pitting and failure points after machining, flame cutting and drilling. The addition of nickel not only increases the toughness but also helps to resist corrosion, an important factor where the steel is used outdoors.

Those who specify Abrasalloy use it where constant abrasion occurs, and where powerful impact, stress, and shocks are experienced. It is exceptionally well suited where highly vitrified materials create excessive wear. Abrasalloy has the highest combination of hardness and impact properties... making it excellent for dragging, sliding, sifting, cutting, and reverberatory operations. With this steel, you can form (either hot or cold). Cold weather operational results- for all types of earth-moving equipment, for example- are excellent. You can shape, bend, drill and punch with ordinary effort and with standard available equipment. The danger of developing cracks, breaks, and internal strains when bending (prevalent in high carbon steels) is minimized. Abrasalloy's response to welding- by all methods!- is very good. This adds up to long service and the elimination of frequent replacements. The result: real economies in operation when you specify Abrasalloy. Try it and see! Typical applications for this product include, but are not limited to, our specialized cutting edge payloader blades, Bucket liners, bucket lips, dredge buckets, coal screens, gravel chutes, quarry and mine skips, steel mill equipment, drag line buckets, and truck body bottoms and beds.

  • Anabrase

Anabrase is an anti-abrasion alloy steel. Use anabrase A.R. plates and sheets for applications where abrasion resistant conditions are less severe or critical. Anabrase can be used for gravel or rock quarry chutes and slides of all kinds. Although Anabrase is not suggested for wheelabrator or shot blast use (Abrasalloy is recommended for this), it is particularly effective for relining all types of machinery. Our flame cutting facilities permit furnishing irregular shapes to your sketch or specifications. Feel free to call on us for technical or metallurgical assistance.

  • Atloy            

Atloy high tensile strength steels were developed to satisfy a long felt need for steels combining high impact toughness with maximum resistance to fatigue and stress. Because of the high speeds and heavy loads encountered in modern industrial machinery and the consequent shocks, severe strains, and reversal stresses on parts involved, a demand has risen for steels to withstand such conditions and abuses, and still be easily machinable at high tensile strength.

The development of Atloy steels was the natural result of our research in alloy tool steels for many years. We pioneered in the field of non-tempering steels by utilizing the advantages of various alloys in combination with low carbon, in accordance with our patents, and we were probably the first to employ molybdenum for shock and chipping tools.

  • Atloy Z

Atloy Z steel is a result of the latest advances in premium steel technology. This steel is manufactured in the electric furnace and is vacuum degassed, thus assuring a clean, sound, homogeneous product free of impurities and internal stresses. Atloy Z steel has a low degree of distortion and resists warpage in machining as well as in service, thereby making this steel especially adaptable for machine parts subjected to great strain, stress, and wear.

Atloy Z Steel is processed under expert supervision with the rigid inspection and extreme care generally reserved for tool steels. It is a medium carbon, well balanced, high alloy grade. Besides the standard ingredients, such as manganese and silicon, this steel contains nickel-which improves toughness and resistance to impact, corrosion and fatigue; Chromium- which fosters deep hardenability and improves surface resistance to abrasion and wear; Molybdenum-which promotes hardenability, increases hardness, widens the range of effective heat treating temperatures, and helps to make the steel fine grained and unusually tough. In our exothermic process, the new and rare alloys, titanium and zirconium are added to produce a finer grain structure and a tougher, more resistant steel.

Atloy Z steel is furnished already heat treated and stress relieved, eliminating the risks involved in hardening and tempering after machining. This steel can develop a tensile strength of over 280,000 lbs. psi. and can be supplied in the annealed condition or to any specific physical properties desired.

  • Atloy Z Ground & Polished

Atloy Z Turned Ground & Polished steel bars are exceedingly accurate to size and eliminate the "out of roundness" often experienced with cold finished or turned and polished steel. Shafts, bushings and other parts fit bearing tight without the looseness generally experienced with other grades and finishes. Atloy Z Turned Ground & Polished steel possesses unusual strength and resistance to wear, abrasion and breakage. The analysis and specification of Atloy Z Turned Ground & Polished heat treated steel is the same as that of Atloy Z natural finished steel. It is furnished in a bright precision finish and is recommended for purposes requiring extreme accuracy and close tolerance, such as for shafting and machine parts, where no further surface machining is needed, but where the parts must fit accurately to give the best service and performance. 

  • Atloy H.T. Steel

Atloy H.T. high tensile steel is an all-purpose alloy steel for industrial and engineering parts where tremendous strength, extraordinary toughness and excellent fatigue resistance are factors. It possesses high physical properties together with exceptional tensile strength. Atloy H.T. Steel can be used very successfully in the natural state. The addition of chromium and manganese to its other properties imparts wear hardening qualities. It has the further advantage of a wide quenching range and can be heat treated to a tensile strength of about 260,000 lbs. per square inch, if necessary, and is especially well adapted for parts subjected to impact, vibration, heavy loads and severe torsional strains. Atloy H.T. Steel can be furnished heat treated to conform to required physical specifications, as well as in the cold drawn, and ground and polished finishes. Atloy H.T. Steel is also available in cold finished heat treated squares in 20 ft. random lengths.

  • A.C.T Carbide High Speed Steel Tool Bits

A.C.T. Carbide High Speed Steel is a special cobalt, tungsten, chromium high speed steel developed for maximum production and for use in heavy duty tools such as lathes, planers and boring mills. Tools made from this steel will maintain a keen cutting edge for a longer period of time than regular high speed steel and will remove a greater amount of metal while operating with heavy feeds and cuts. A.C.T. Carbide High Speed Steel will give extraordinary results in machining various kinds of materials such as cast iron or steel, heat treated steels, alloy steels, unannealed high carbon steels and all grades of stainless steel and iron. A.C.T. Carbide High Speed Steel is also furnished in TOOL BITS already hardened and treated for use. These tools are surface ground both before and after hardening. They are therefore free from soft spots, seams or surface defects. A.C.T. Carbide bits are perfectly square and straight, thereby eliminating breakage in the holder. They are carefully and uniformly heat treated and this, combined with the superior quality of the steel itself, results in increased production and added efficiency. Use regular grindstone for sharpening. These bits are solid - not tipped.

  • Tool Steels of Atlantic Steel

Hardnair Die Steel-An air hardening, non-deforming die steel. Hardens in still air; no quenching.

Atlan Die Steel- An oil hardening non-deforming die steel for blanking, cutting and drawing dies.

Atlan H.C.C. Steel- A high carbon, high chromium die steel

Tuncro Tool Steel- A low tungsten oil hardening steel for shock tools.

Atsil Tool Steel-A silicon manganese steel for pneumatic tools, shear blades, punches and dies.

Atsco Tool Steel- A high carbon special tool steel for cutting, chipping and rock drilling tools.

Atlantic Standard Tool Steel-A high carbon standard grade tool steel for cutting, chipping and rock drilling tools.

Pneumatic Tools- A combination of high quality steel, expert workmanship and scientific heat treatment.

Atlan Pierced Steel Tubing- An E.F. high tensile alloy steel easily machinable, deep hardening and extremely tough.

  • Abrasalloy

Flutagon Atlantic 33, a new steel shape, has a distinctive vacuum grip. It hardens in water and eliminates tempering. Flutagon Atlantic 33 lasts longer, hardens more quickly, and is easier to use in tool making. Tools made from Flutagon Atlantic 33 Non-tempering steel withstand concussion far beyond that of ordinary tool steels. Tools bite into and penetrate the hardest materials under continued shock without noticeable indentation on the cutting edge. Tools may be reground and resharpened often without the necessity of reforging. Sizes range from 5/8" to 1-1/2". Flutagon is suggested for purposes such as cold chisels, punches, pneumatic tools, blacksmith tools, cold cutters, shear blades, ripping chisels, concrete breakers, taps, reamers, digging bars, boring tools, flatters, hardies, rivet busters, dies, rivet sets, gripper dies, piercing dies, hammers, wrenches, tongs, backing out tools, star drills, caulking tools, bull points, pick points, probing bars, hot sets, beading tools, shovel teeth, drift pins, sledges, and track chisels.

  • Flutagon

Atlantic 33 Non-Tempering Steel is a new departure alloy steel, relatively low in carbon. The steel combines hardness and toughness with heat and fatigue resistance. It is made in the electric furnace from selected materials with expert care and supervision. Continued and painstaking research makes Atlantic 33 Non-Tempering Steel more economical and more efficient. It is easier to use in tool making as drawing of temper to suit different requirements is unnecessary and completely eliminated. Suitable hardness is obtained by merely heating the tool and quenching it in water. Atlantic 33 may be heated with an acetylene torch if desired, where regular facilities are not available. This steel can be forged easily and welds readily to itself and other steels. Atlantic 33 also costs less to use. It may be heated repeatedly at higher temperatures without altering its properties. It may also be heated to almost a melting heat without danger of distortion. The possibility of overheating or burning the steel is reduced to a minimum. Time is saved with this steel by eliminating the tempering operation. Atlantic 33 wears longer and is more efficient. Tools made from this steel withstand concussion far beyond that of ordinary tool steels. Tools bite into and penetrate the hardest materials under continued shock without noticeable indentation on the cutting edge. Tools may be reground and resharpened often without the necessity of reforging.

  • Atlantic -33


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